STRmix™ attends ISFG 2017, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Aug 28th-Sept 2nd

Friday, 25 August 2017

Please come and see the STRmix™ team at booth B-24, COEX 3rd floor Auditorium Lobby.  We will happily give you an onsite demostration of STRmix™ and answer any questions you may have.

We will be showcasing the upgraded STRmix™ version 2.5, recently launched after a full year of technical development and testing. STRmix™ v2.5 contains a number of powerful new features designed to significantly improve functionality, speed, memory, and ease of use.

Features available in STRmix™ v2.5 include: multi-kit functionality, enabling interpretation of DNA profiles from different test kits; a likelihood ratio (LR) batcher tool, allowing users to calculate multiple LRs from multiple reference inputs to a previously run deconvolution; and a combined DNA Index System (CODIS) report. 

In the science programme, please look out for the following presentation in the Predictive, Biostatistics topic:12.30-12.45pm, Friday, September 1st, Session 5 

Catherine McGovern -  Establishing a range of foundational validity for complex DNA mixture interpretation using probabilistic genotyping software: a response to PCAST

We look forward to seeing you at ISFG.


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